Saturday, September 10, 2005

teaching strategy

I escaped from work yesterday for 2 one even missed me, thank God. I can't take any vacation days until November and since I only accrue 4 hours of sick leave a month I just don't seem to catch up - especially after that weeklong bout with strep throat. escape was to sdsu to practive my teaching strategy and meet with the graduate advisor there. He was a nice guy with a Barcelona accent. He helped me to feel better about the stupid GRE. The main problem that I have with the GRE is that there is this whole math section with geometry and algebra. Now, I was one of the last few souls to graduate from the teaching school with a Bachelor of Arts with no math classes, so I haven't had math since high school...but I dropped out of high school my junior year so I have a huge gap of math missing in my studies.

I was pleased to note that I only need a combined score of 700 on the verbal and math sections so I am counting on my kick ass verbal score to carry my guesses from the math part because there is NO WAY IN HELL that I can correctly answer 30 questions in 30 minutes.

Besides, he told me that they could conditionally admit me if my scores were close and I would just have to take the GRE again until I get a high enough score - but I don't think it will be a problem.

Of course, now that I decide that I just can't stand working here as a teacher anymore and that I HAVE to finish my master's degree before I am 35, I get an interview at after the GRE with the teachers on Tuesday, I will head to an interview there.

I drove to Orange County yesterday to see my mom off. This morning E chewed me out and said it was strange that I would drive all the way there and back knowing that I have to study for the GRE. I asked him what he was trying to say. I went with my daughters to OC...¿y qué?

I'm in no mood for crap from anyone today. I already cried once.